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Hi Quickfile

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I think Quickfile is one of the best Accounting packages around, So much so that it’s pretty much the only one I recommend in my practice,

I have a few clients that use Xero and a few with Quickbooks and Wave. These are fine but I never believe they are a cut above Quickfile…until it comes to integrations where most seem to be way ahead of Quickfile. There doesn’t seem to be a new financial app launched that doesn’t integrate with Xero and Quickbooks and whilst I accept that it shouldn’t all be about the number but rather the quality of the app and how it would enhance the overall Quickfile experience I do believe that with the drive towards Cloud Accounting, Open Banking, Making Tax Digital etc Quickfile needs to look at how it can keep up if it isn’t already.

Perhaps we can leave this Topic open so that other users could add any apps etc that they feel would be helpful if added, increased or linked to Quickfile. I’ll start:

Senta (practice management)
Payroo (payroll)

What would be your suggestions ?

Thanks Quickfile !


I use MyPAYE for my payroll, they offer an API through which you can access payroll data and I’ve written my own integration but it’s not something that’s production quality by any stretch (it’s a Groovy script that I run from the command line on my laptop which fetches data from the MyPAYE API and creates a journal using the QuickFile API).

I have also written a similar integration for the EPOS system we use (AirPOS) but that’s even more string and sticky tape - they don’t have a nice API so I have to screen-scrape the HTML page for each Z reading so I can turn that into an invoice in QuickFile. I guess for something like that the integration would have to come from their side pushing into the QuickFile API (something they already have for Xero) rather than QuickFile pulling from them.

Hi @Echohead

Thank you for your post, and your positive feedback! :smiley:

We understand the importance of the integrations and have made some changes to our APIs over the past 12 months to open more doors for this, including:

  • The introduction of JSON endpoints
  • New methods
  • The QuickFile app marketplace

As @ian_roberts mentions however, some packages such as payroll involves them pushing data to us rather than the other way around. This means that the reliance for some of these packages to be connected with QuickFile, is actually with them rather than us.

We do look at packages and happy to consider integrations with popular ones, which is partly the reason we enabled Zapier support as they now connect with over 1,000 packages. So this does “plug the gap” to an extent. We’re also happy to consider new methods or triggers for this.

However, what I recommend is also suggesting to these packages that you want them to integrate with QuickFile.

We’re quite open here, and more than happy to speak to their development teams to try and enable the two sides to link up :slight_smile:

With the QuickFile marketplace, other users can set up a link between two packages and offer this through QuickFile to other users. Again, we’re more than happy to help users achieve this - between us we have knowledge in a few coding languages, and other users on the forums have also helped in the past where we haven’t been able to.

It’s worth noting, that while you have listed several packages above, you may want to list these as separate topics in the #feature category so other users can comment on specific items.

I hope this helps.

I put in my vote for these two.


I’m looking for some accountants who are looking for an online practice management system that integrates with QuickFile. We have a system that manages many hundreds of clients for multiple practices offering:

  • managing all static data and enables creation of clients directly in your QuickFile account - shows how long since last payment received as well, detects if QF data needs updating etc. Companies House integration for checking data is very helpful and a huge amount of smart logic ensures all missing data is checked for - updates shortly will facilitate auto contacting client for items they can send
  • creating and manage all recurring and one off tasks based on whatever template structure you like (templates provided for most tasks). Steps per task can be assigned to different staff members and has both action and advisory roles built in
  • detailed Terms of Engagement creation and signing through templates per service. If they need updating you can auto create per client per service from the template and the documents are sent to be signed via the built in document signing portal with automatic daily reminders
  • digital signing of all docs eg Self Assessments, accounts etc not just the Terms Of Engagement through the built in client portal. there are further enhancements due shortly for the client portal
  • Anti-Money Laundering management - it has a training module to ensure staff know what they are doing and currently manages manual Know Your Client document tracking and has Risk Assessment templates with auto reminders to review taking seconds to keep your Risk Assessments up to date. Currently we are integrating with on online AML ID checking service at minimal cost per client
  • time tracking and reporting available with multiple job codes per client for easy billing and reviewing staff timesheet.
  • tracking inbound and outbound calls on notes per client with Action by dates and assign to staff to action and review
  • SMS to clients with built in templates for reminding to bring in info or collect it, meeting reminders - whatever you want really.
  • per client email templates assigned to tasks for example to easily enables requests for info each year
  • integration with MailChimp enabling sorting by client type, services offered, billing value etc. enables targetted mailshots very easily - super useful for the Budget and general updates
  • a simple sales funnel system - take notes and schedule follow ups easily then easily convert to a client
  • lots of built in reporting for numbers and types of clients and services, download work lists into excel, review missing tasks or information etc
  • multi-user with detailed staff and contractor permissions so they can only see the relevant clients and system modules
  • a simple built in knowledge base system for your staff that will also be used to make information available to clients via the built in portal
  • client and practice dashboards under development

Really too much to detail…

We are in talks with TaxFiler to integrate with them once their API is functional which will make this an end to end integrated solution if you are dealing with lots of small clients.

The system has been in use for several years now and is going to be commercialised over the next 6-8 months and has been in use by a number of practices now. one beta tester practice actually immediately saved the wages of an administrator due to simply using the document signing portal system.

Although under constant development this system is the only tool used to manage multi-office practices and small one band businesses.

If interested please email giving your contact details and we can give you a demo and see if this might be of use to you.

We are looking for further feedback on what is important to running your practice before we go fully live and the initial testers will get a years free use for as many staff as they want.

Any news on two integrations:
1: TAXFILER (IRIS product), in tax filer there are at present link available for Kashflow (IRIS product), XERO AND QUICKBOOKS

Any devlopement on two integrations:
1: TAXFILER (IRIS product), in tax filer there are at present link available for Kashflow (IRIS product), XERO AND QUICKBOOKS

Contact to?

  1. Quickfile or Taxfiler
  2. Quickfile or Payroo

Hi @hemant

There are no changes here I’m afraid. We will post any updates on our forum if there is any news.

With quite a few of the integration requests we see, it’s often the other party who needs to create the link (which we’re more than happy to help with, in terms of support). For example, Payroo would push data to QuickFile to create a payroll journal, so only they can do that.