Foreign Bank Account Loss/Gain

I’ve noticed inconsistent account balances.
I created a Director’s Loan Account (AUD) in Australian Dollars for AUD expenses. I recently settled that account after several months with an account entry transferring the balance to my Director’s Loan Account (GBP). There was a reported currency loss which I settled by posting a Currency loss/gain movement journal entry.
The actual accounts should be irrelevant - the problem is now the Chart of Accounts shows a zero balance for this account and the Dashboard shows a negative balance in the amount of the currency adjustment.
Which on is correct?
PS. I’m a new user so this could easily be something I’ve done wrong. But the different reported balances concerns me.

Remember that the chart of accounts is just totals of transaction values for a specific date range, whereas the dashboard balances are calculated for all time. You must have transactions outside the date range you’re looking at in the CoA.

There’s a special type of journal for balancing off currency loss/gains however the adjusting journal on your account was showing as a regular journal. I will need to check with our dev team on Monday but I believe there may be a specific issue here when re-saving a loss/gain journal (i.e. it changes type).

I’ve asked for the journal to be manually adjusted for now, this will leave your AUD Director Loan account settled at zero and will retain the loss/gain movement on your accounts.

Let me know if you have any doubts about anything.

Cool. Ahh that sounds about right - I thought I was following instructions but given I was tinkering about there’s no doubt I would’ve re-saved it at some point.
I’m loving the job you’ve done with Quickfile - its an excellent tool.
And thanks for the quick reply - you guys are really on the ball.

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