Formatting issues, and sales invoices not loading

just went to input a new invoice and the page layout is all over the place, tried on lots of different machines and different browsers - all do the same - only noticed it this afternoon, think it was ok this morning. Is this a temp bug?

I can confirm this also… Various browsers, various platforms. The buttons had been replaced by little squares for a few days already but this is new this afternoon.

HI @lewer and @AndyT, there was a momentary issue with invoice creation, this should be working fine now.

If the problem persists, try also hitting the refresh button whilst holding down CTRL.

We are having issues on quickfile on our affinity programme. Please see screenshots below. Can you help please.

This is affecting all our clients accounts.

Thank you very much.

Kinds Regards,

Tobias James

Have you tried holding CTRL and hitting refresh?

This will force the cache to empty and pull a fresh copy of the pages.

Feel free to PM me with the client’s account number so we can take a closer look, although it looks like a caching issue.

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Yes, this worked!

Thanks again

Tobias James

Hi Glenn, I’m having the same issue. i have tried ctrl + refresh. any other ideas? i have also cleared the cache within chrome settings. I have tried explorer as well but to no avail.

existing invoices and estimates note loading but says its loading

I am trying to view my list of sales invoices, but when I click the appropriate option, I see the following:


This has small cog animation beside it, which is rotating, suggesting some processing in progress. Unfortunately, the list doesn’t seem to display.

I can see other topics relating issues with raising sales invoices, but nothing regarding viewing existing

Hi Guys,

Seems creating invoices is broken.

All the box’s look out of place and doesn’t populate the system etc

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HI @cherrydesigns, there was a momentary issue with invoice creation, this should be working fine now.


On selecting an inventory number, this does not work and the inventory description does not populate in the description box.

Also, the system no longer allows us to add additional items.

Can you please confirm a fix time?

Many thanks


Hi @thehunter, there was a momentary issue with invoice creation, this should be working fine now.

Apologies… we’ve had some intermittent issues with caching over the last 40 mins.

We should be back to normal now and are looking into the cause. If you get any persistent problems try a hard-refresh by holding down CTRL and clicking your browser refresh icon.


I’m having formatting issues with the Bank Statement. I have tried hard refresh but that doesn’t seem to work. Any other ideas?

Thank you.

It has sorted itself out now.

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