Formatting letters with columns

I am having problems with letters. I am trying to write a letter that has a tabular layout in one section (magazine issues and copy dates). In the tool for creating or editing the letter I position figures with the tab key just as I would in any editor. When I open the letter to edit it this is fine but when I view or print the letter the tab is replaced by a single space. I tried using the space bar for positioning with the same result.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a “feature”?

We won’t be able to support tabular layouts I’m afraid. Quick File is a web application so it interprets tabs very differently to say a desktop publishing app, in fact it doesn’t interpret them at all.

If you know a bit about HTML you could use tables:

<table style='width:100%;'>
<td style='width:50%;'>Column 1</td>
<td style='width:50%;'>Column 2</td>

I have to say I have not tested the above so I have no idea how it will come out.

Thanks, I am afraid that html doesn’t work.

Yes I see now, any HTML will get printed literally, it was a bit of a long shot!

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