Forming a new company in Quickfile

With one company already on Quickfile we now wish to change from Sage 50 to Quickfile for our second company but how do we set this up? We wish to download as much data as possible from Sage.

Hi @680103

We do operate on a one account per email policy, so you may need to set up a second QuickFile account.

The alternative is QuickFile Affinity, which allows you to have one email address with multiple accounts. This was primarily designed for bookkeepers and accountants, but it can be used for those with multiple accounts too. There’s more information on this here: QuickFile Affinity overview

Hi Matthew
Thanks for your answer.

We have registered for QuickFile Affinity, but I thought I had to create the new company on Quickfile first prior to using Affinity.

Perhaps you could correct me?

Cheers, Langton

I have just quickly checked our Affinity account and both companies are registered on that, so it is a question of what do I do next to be able to use Midas Eyewear on Quickfile in the same way as we use Rent 4 You on Quickfile.


It can be done either way - the choice is yours.

If you create a new account within Affinity, there’s no need to have a second email address, as it uses a dummy Affinity email and just links up that way. There’s a bit more on this here.

As long as both accounts are linked to the same Affinity account, then both accounts can be accessed in the same way. You can add team members to the Affinity account rather than the individual accounts if you wish - either way is acceptable. But likewise with your own account, if they’re added to the Affinity account, they can use the same email with multiple accounts.

Hope that helps?

Thanks Matthew

Am now starting on Payroll on the Midas Account which I see has a tab on the left. Can Quickfile send Reports (RTI) or late reports to HMRC?

No. Your payroll software or hmrc basic tools can only do that.

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