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Forum feature voting limits

Hi Matthew

Following on the discussion about voting for features.
One of my votes is has been tied up here since 2016!

I also have a few other features like this where QF has put it on the back burner or has not had the time to implement it.

You mentioned in your other post:
As features are implemented, the votes should become available again, so it’s not 5 votes in the lifetime, it’s 5 active votes

I agree that it’s a good system to free up the votes as things get implemented, but what about things that will take over 5 years to implement?
Maybe increase the number of active votes to about 10 - in my view 5 is a very small number.

Thank you


Hi @Sameera

This limit isn’t something we’re likely to change at the moment, but thank you for your feedback. However, just to clarify the numbers here as I’ve just checked this.

The number of votes you can make depends on your trust level (which is automatically adjusted based on how often you visit, how often you post, etc.). This is viewable in your profile, for example:

Level Title Votes
0 New 2
1 Basic 4
2 Member 6
3 Regular 8
4 Leader 10

For reference, there are details of the levels here (although things may have changed a little bit since the date of that post)

If you feel like you should vote for another feature instead, you’re welcome to release your vote if you wish at the top of any feature request thread.

I will split this off into a separate topic to keep things tidy, so any questions related to the voting, please don’t hesitate to ask below and we’ll try our best to help :slight_smile:

Hi QFMathew,
I think your table is not completely right because I think you only grant level 0 to 2 now. I used to have level 3 for a while but it disappeared one day and I went back to level 2 (which is fine except the limited number of votes). Also, even members such as ian_roberts or Paul_Courtier have got only level 2, therefore only 6 votes. And I would say specially these two members should be in level 3 because they contribute quite a lot to your forum. That means, in my view, the votes are limited to 6 votes. (There are a few members is level 3 but only quickfile team members or from a long time ago)
I was in a similar position and tried to vote for something. But it was not possible. So, I had to take away one of my votes from one feature request to give it to another one. In my eyes, that is not fair. I understand your thoughts behind this but quickfile valuate a feature request after the number of votes. With limited regular forum visitors, which have limited number of votes, could it be quite tricky to reach your needed minimum threshold of votes.

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Hi @rhc

We can check individual members against the criteria if needed - I’ll send you the results on your account in a private message shortly.

I don’t think the trust levels are something we’re able to change and is controlled by the forum software itself (Discourse).

It’s a bit of a balancing act, I admit. Of course, we always take feedback on board. And it’s always worth noting that feature requests don’t just come down to the number of votes; they play their part, but there are other things we have to take into consideration too.

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I am level 2 - member as well. I am supprised as I thought I would be classed as somewhat regular.

Although I may not post every week, I do visit almost every or two week and read through the posts as I find them helpful. I think only this year that I have not been able to visit as much.
I have been a member since Jan 2014 and have contributed to my features suggestions in early days.

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I don’t think anyone knows how Discourse works and it’s totally out of anyones control. I have reported issues and errors, just get told it’s a feature so I don’t bother. I wouldn’t expect or want any of the QF staff to waste time on the forum as it’s all changed and “fixed” on a whim by the bonkers team that created it.

Having said that I do agree with some of the points raised, but simply visiting and looking shouldn’t increase your voting limits. For the volume of regulars who might want more votes it is probably simpler and quicker to just assign more votes to people who request them if they fit the criteria. Bots and spammers could easily become regulars just by visiting and looking every day.

I feel that for the sake of just giving @Sameera some more votes this would have saved all this talk and wasting of time!

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Just for clarification - visiting and looking doesn’t necessarily grant you a higher trust level. There are several things that are taken into account by Discourse.

The link I posted above highlights these, if it’s of interest.

Yes, I was just mentioning this as people seemed surprised they weren’t a higher level because they visit regularly.

Agreed! …

I contribute when I can and when I don’t, I do come have a look and see if there is anything new I can learn from other members.
I agree, that this should not give me a higher membership level.

Maybe I am personally a bit biased as pre - 2017/18 before the voting system came in, I used to be a regular contributor and Glenn has taken on board many of my suggestions which have been implemented.
So I do feel a bit short-changed - for the lack of a better word. :laughing:

Anyways, for me it’s not the membership level that is important, it’s how many votes I get!
I have 5 or 6 I think which is a little stingy :wink:

I have decided anyway now that I will write my vote in a post if I don’t have any free votes.


Although the feature voting is the official way I think other comments are taken on board so it’s not a futile effort!

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