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I have just had an email saying that I have used 1000 transactions so must now pay £45 per year. I cannot see where to find the number of transactions to justify this. How does the subscription work. Do the transactions relate to each year or are they cumulative over the years. I

Hi @Mary123,

You may find this useful: How to determine what items make up your ledger count

The transactions counted are any transaction physically entered within the last 12 month period - regardless of the date of the transaction.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

“Transactions” in this sense means nominal account entries, and there are a minimum of two nominal entries per sale or purchase invoice (three if the entry has any VAT recorded) plus two per tagged bank transaction. This adds up faster than you expect - three sales and two purchases per week, all fully paid, will hit 1000 nominal entries within a year even before you have any bank transfers or other items in the mix.

Will this be calculated on a yearly basis or added on to the previous year.

How many transactions if it up to before the next increase in subscription.

its calculated over a 12 month period. So is re-calculated each day for the past 12 months.

How many transactions a year before it goes up from £45 per year

Hi Mary, there is only one account subscription charge which is the £45 + VAT - unless you have an affinity account which is when the entries are taken into consideration for the fees then

There is no “next tier” as such, at least in terms of nominal entries. The only extra payments on top of the £45+VAT are for

  • automated bank feeds, if you use them (personally I don’t)
  • additional data storage, if you need more than 1GB for your scanned receipts etc. I currently have ~2,800 purchases in my account almost all of which have a scanned receipt, and I’m still only half way through my first additional GB of storage at £9.99+VAT per year.

I can sympathise with the OP. I was half expecting to need a paid subscription but it was still a bit of a surprise when it happened. I know (now) that you can track your usage in the company settings page but a warning (dashboard, splash screen, email…) if you exceed perhaps 500 transactions in six months would be helpful, maybe extrapolating to the date when the free tier limit will be reached. (Obviously entering the previous year retrospectively as some will do when migrating will skew this.)

If I don’t have 1,000 transactions in the next year will I then get it free or will I continue to pay regardless

Hi @Mary123

As it’s based on the number of nominal ledger entries created within the last 12 months, then if it drops below 1,000 by the time your renewal comes around, it will be free.

We’ll still remind you when it’s due for renewal (although we don’t do this automatically) as it does come with additional features which you may be using.

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