Free version of Quickfile vs Affinity


Please can someone explain (or point me in the direction of the information) what the difference is between Affinity and the free version of Quickfile?

Our client is experiencing a few problems with the free version so would like to know if Affinity will rectify these.

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Affinity is mainly aimed at accountants, or those with multiple businesses. It’s basically a platform to manage multiple accounts.

What’s the issue your client is having? When you say client - are you an accountant yourself?

Thank you for your response.

Yes I am from a firm of accountants. We have one client who has recently joined us and uses the free version of Quickfile.

There main problem is that they have a large number of purchase invoices weekly and have been manually posting them one at a time. Is there a way of importing them in bulk?

They also have a problem with the bank reconciliation where they have not been posting payments of invoices correctly so every payment is being added to the bank account as a transaction. We understand that when they have being processing the payments they are meant to specify which account it should go to but they have not been doing this. Because of the large volume of sales invoices and payments it will take a long time to rectify this. Is there a way that the payments can be moved to a different account in bulk? For example; can we select all payments made in cash and move them to a cash control account?

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Hi Helen,

Firstly, with Affinity, the common scenario is that you as the accountant signs up and adds your client through there, giving you access to their system and allows you to brand QuickFile more to your business through their white label offer.

Yes, you can add purchases in bulk (although this may be a subscription only feature which your client would have to pay for). This can be found under Account Settings > Import Data

The other option is of course, if they are using a stock control system for example, join them up using the API.

As for bulk movements, yes - that’s also possible. If you go into Reports > Charts of Accounts, and select the correct nominal code (e.g. General Sales), there’s an option for a bulk movement:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this information, I have found the import data screen however it is not quite what I am looking for. I want to be able to use an add-on such as Entryless where you can just scan all of your invoices to them, they convert them into the correct format and you just click a button to import the whole lot in one go. Are you aware of any features in Quickfile that allow this?

The information about the bulk movements in the chart of accounts is very useful, that has solved that problem so thank you!



There’s no features where you scan your receipts and QuickFile recognises them, however, there is an option to scan receipts and you can quickly create purchases from there. Have a look at the feature where you can integrate Drop Box (very useful!), or the email your receipts feature under Account Settings > 3rd Party > Email my receipts

For info, the receipt hub looks similar to this (taken from another topic on these forums):

As @Parker1090 mentioned our own ReceiptHub + Dropbox allows you to import all your receipts into QuickFile, you can then tag them to your existing purchase records, or create new ones on the fly.

I’m not sure how Entryless works but I suspect they are similar to Shoebox, ReceiptBank etc. I.e. you post all your receipts to them and they do the scanning.

I can recommend some scanning firms for bulk scanning receipts, you can then just import them via Dropbox. Otherwise you can use the CamScanner app to capture them yourself and feed them straight into QuickFile.

By importing via dropbox does this fill in the purchase invoice details into Quickfile or is it simply a document storage system to view invoices that have been imported?

It’s a document storage system - the details would still need to be inputted manually via the interface I included above. It’s quick and simple so would probably save you time :slight_smile: