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I have just moved to QuickFile from Oct 2020, could you advise - how do I do Full Payment Submissions? How often? Is the penalties for missing out and is it mandatory for a single person Ltd Co?

QuickFile doesn’t do PAYE itself, it has some integration with ThePayrollSite or there’s a few other online payroll systems that are free or cheap for small scale use (I use mypaye.co.uk which costs £1 per month per employee).

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What payroll software did you use before?

The accountant use to do it. I noticed that he has not submitted for the last six months.

Then you’ll need to find a payroll software to do this. You’ll also need to make sure you are signed up to submit paye from your hmrc tax account.

You’ll need to obtain the unique id that has been used to submit your payroll details as using a new one will make hmrc think you have two employments and will issue a new tax code and make you pay tax when it isn’t needed.

QuickFile doesn’t handle any of this I’m afraid, and simply finding software that does won’t solve the issues I’ve outlined above.

My advice is to obtain the information from your accountant.

On a side note, are you sure filings have been missed? Directors are able to file once a year if they are set up to do so.

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12cloudpayroll - free upto 5 (maybe 9) employees - very good

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You can use HMRC’s “Basic PAYE Tools” to do this - it’s free software available for small businesses. I’ve used it for years.

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