Future plans for Affinity?

Hi, I’ve just registered for Affinity. I’m an accountant and I’ve set quite a few clients off on Quickfile - I think it is great software (and I’ve used a lot in my time) and it is really easy to train client how to use it and has made life much easier for them and tops a lot of the paid for software on the market by miles - I can’t believe it is free for users!

I’m happy that you updated the prices from those first suggested for Affinity and under the new price scheme I’m happy to give it a go. It makes life easier than constantly logging in and out and tracking passwords and I’m yet to try the projects area. I’ve been trying to find out what your plans are for Affinity and can’t see much info around - will you have an “Accountant Associate” type scheme with this like other software packages do, so we can indicate on our sites that we support the software? You also seem to mention added features on the Affinity platform not available on the free user version, can you point my in the direction of where these are outlined or are they still to come?

Thanks Julie

Thanks for getting in touch, I’m really pleased to hear that you are benefiting from the Affinity module!

We have a great deal planned for Affinity in 2014 and are currently working on a number of enhancements due to launch in the next couple of weeks.

  1. Right now we are finalising an enhanced P&L report so that you can pull up a segmented report showing monthly, quarterly and yearly P&L figures side by side. This feature was based on feedback received in the following thread. In general this will be the first of a number of advanced reports we are developing for Affinity.

  2. We are also concurrently developing the Workspace area in Affinity to make it easier to collaborate with clients on year-end projects. This already includes a way to request files from users and organise discussions relating to a particular job (i.e. Ltd year-end, self assessment, data migration etc) we are also developing a number of checklist forms for data gathering. We have been using these forms internally for our own clients for over 1 year and are now opening them up to other Affinity users.

There’s also plenty more in the pipeline and we shall update you as and when these features become available.

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