General sales appear as bank charges on my Profit and Loss account

Hi, lots of my sales invoices ended up on the Bank Charges nominal account! If I try to allocate them to another account it only shows purchases nominal accounts and I can not manually move them to General sales. What am I doing wrong? How can I change them?


But did you tag the payments on your bank history ?
Go to “Banking” on top of page and select the bank where the invoice is paid.Then allocate the payment to your customer and to correct invoice.Is not possible to allocate as bank charges if you allocate to a customer payment.

That is exactly the procedure I followed, I tag the payment to pay several customer invoices, is this a glitch on the system?

I just realised they are all for the same client

So you created an account of your customer in your system and you tagged transactions to this account ? Then system not showing the payment allocated to this account ?

Check the customer details and make sure the default nominal is showing as sales

I had a similar issue to this in the past, my problem was an inventory item was listed as bank charges instead of general sales, I corrected this in the inventory and then re selected the item within the invoice, re saved the invoice and all was fine.


Yes that is correct this client for some reason (may have been a finger error when creating the client) has been set to Bank Charges by default. Thanks for your help guys. I have tried re-saving their invoices but they are not changing the nominal account.

Can I change this invoices from a nominal account to another in bulk?

If you can’t do it with “move to new code” then the simplest fix is just to journal the balance to the right place with a note on the journal explaining what happened.

The problem has been resolved thank you very much for your help. As Paul said the client default code was set to Bank Charges. I have change the default code to General sales. I have then changed the nominal code for all the Invoices (could not do it in bulk). My P&L now looks good.
Thank you all for your help. Best Regards

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