General Sales going under Debtors Control Account

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I paid off my sales invoices and they are set up by default as general sales, so when I paid them off the system allocates them to Debtors Control Account 1100 instead off General Sales 4000. Why is this happening, could you please have a look? I have to produce P&L sheet and my turnover shows 0, as it has been allocated wrongly by Quickfile. I haven’t had any issue with this previously only in December.

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By paid off you mean what? Recording a payment? From what account?

Yes recording the payment on the sales invoices, which the customer paid to my bank account.

That’s correct. When you create a sales invoice it adds nominal entries at the date of the invoice for

  • the net amount as a credit on general sales (or whatever nominal or nominals you’ve chosen on the invoice)
  • the VAT total as a credit on the sales tax control account (if the invoice has VAT)
  • the gross total as a debit on the debtors control account

So when payment is received it simply credits the debtors control account for the amount paid to balance out the original debit. The payment isn’t supposed to affect P&L, that bit already happened on the date of the invoice.

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The general sales p and l should not show zero once an invoice has been paid. Something else must be going wrong.

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Yes Paul you are right, I think there is an error with the software. Would that be possible if someone who is dealing with software development contacts me? I would appreciate it. thank you

Hi @niko

We’ll send you a private message to get some details from you. Keep an eye out for a green notification in the top right corner :slight_smile:

Thank you Mathew I will wait for it

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