Get a copy of Statements sent out by Email

I posted this query a few weeks ago and it seemed at that time the ‘cc me’ email was coming into my ‘junk’ outlook folder.

“I don’t seem able to get a clear clarification on this. All the emails within our quickfile setup cc to one admin email address even though the admin assistant and myself log in with different email addresses. However, when I am trying to send invoice reminders and I select the ‘cc me’ box it simply sends the copy to the admin email instead of my accounts email. Please could someone advise if there is a setting somewhere where this can be changed please. I don’t understand why, if you are using different email addresses to log into the system, which of course help keep an audit trail for stuff done, why on earth doesn’t anything that says ‘copy me’ not go to that users email??”

I marked the email that previously came through to junk as always accept, but today I have tried this again and no email is now coming through? Any ideas?

Hi @kimmy1307,

Whatever email address you are using to log in - that will be the email address that the copy is sent to. It may have ended up in your junk folder again?

Yes that’s what I though, but I have tried again and again today using a test account and a client account and no copy emails have come through to me. I have checked my junk email and nothing there either. There must be somewhere in Quickfile where the ‘cc field’ must be completed so I would assume that wherever that detail is it is either empty or filled in with an incorrect email address?

Hi @kimmy1307,

The emails aren’t actually cc’d. A separate copy is sent to whichever email is linked to the log in of the user who has requested the copy. Have you checked which user you are logged in as and which email address is associated with that user?

Yes I am logged in using the correct email address which is email removed – I don’t know where it can be checked in Quickfile that this is the correct address associated with the ‘CC me’ field. It was working a few weeks ago, but as I said the email went to my junk folder. I did mark the junk email as ‘always accept’ but since I don’t know what the sending email address is, I can’t double check it is added as a ‘Safe sender’ properly?

Hi @kimmy1307

All CC emails are sent from, which should have been the case with the one you received previously.

Hope that helps!

That’s what I thought, but that sender is added as a safe sender in my outlook but still no email has come through??

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