Getting a receipt for my VAT return

Hi, when I filed my latest VAT return I got an automated message from Quickfile saying there had been a server area (presumably at HMRC). I logged out and returned later and all the indications now said ‘Filed’, which sounds encouraging. Indeed, there’s no further option to do the return again. However, I didn’t receive a further email from Quickfile with the usual confirmation, and reference number, that confirms HMRC has actually received it. Can anyone kindly tell me how to get one? With thanks, Peter

Hello @Spitfire

The server error looks like it has come from HMRC.

The return is showing as submitted in your tax account.

I noticed you have rolled back the return (the rollback process un reconciles the transactions in QuickFile).

You need to do the following

  • Go to Reports > Vat Returns > Settings
  • Set your HMRC account to “No electronic filing”
  • Go to Reports > Vat Returns > Create > Enter the period dates
  • Save the return
  • Go to Reports > Vat Returns > Settings
  • Set your HMRC back to your company’s account

This process will “save” the return as a placeholder and re reconcile the transactions (to prevent them being picked up by your next return).

As for the receipt, it is not something we can provide, HMRC may be able to give you this but because of the error which occurred it may not be possible.

Thank you very much for coming back to me Steve. I later found that the return was indeed delivered - I checked via Government Gateway - and I’ll apply those actions you’ve listed. Thanks again. Peter

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