Getting my account below the "Large" threshold CTD

So I’ve been religiously deleting lots of transactions on this over the last few weeks and still am over the limit - the problem seems to be that one transaction creates multiple ledger entries…
Is there no way around this?

Hi @David_Wayman

With double entry accounting, there will always be two entries for each action - one credits, one debits.

Have you had a look at the usage report to see where the largest number of entries are coming from?

debtors Control Account 196
Current Account 292
Creditors Control Account 409
are the largest

Those really are the bare bones of the system, so it’s tricky to cut those back.

The only thing I could suggest is merging invoices, for example, is you’re sending 2 or 3 small invoices to a client a month, group them together to make just 1. The reason I suggest this would be because each invoice would create 2 entries (more if VAT registered). If you group them together into one invoice, the system groups nominal entries into one one.

So, with 3 invoices you would have 3 x General Sales (for example), whereas grouping these into one invoice would bring it to just 1 x General Sales entry. But, as above, further activity such as VAT would count towards more entries. I wouldn’t necessarily go back and edit sent invoices (although you could, just keep your client in the loop for their records too), but you could try this with draft invoices.

You should also bear in mind that the count could be a few days old anyway. Looking at mine on a test account, it was last updated 2 days ago, so anything you’ve removed since then won’t be reflected in the count.

Did you manage to delete all your personal transactions from the previous thread? As you’re aware, they would count towards the ledger count too

all personal transactions bar a few that I’m unsure of are gone now. I think my problem is that whilst my turnover is relatively low, I work for a lot of different clients.
I have since set up a separate bank account for my personal expenses but the trickle down doesn’t seem to have affected my quickfile yet as it’s relatively new.