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Getting started- opening balance doesn't transfer

I have successfully downloaded CSV files for the last 9 months (after realising the automatic bank feed only goes back 1 month) but it shows a negative bank balance.
Where can I manually enter/ adjust the bank balance?
After opening the account yesterday it did ask me for an opening balance which I entered, so I might need to update it somewhere?

Hi @Erika,

What date did you enter the opening balance for? The opening balance would have been your start point to then only enter transactions after this date.

You should be able to amend the opening balance from the account settings

That worked, thank you!

I’ve signed up for a free trial of bank feeds but I don’t want to continue and pay subscription after 2 weeks. How do I cancel this please?

you’ll be given the option to pay - just don’t make the payment :slight_smile: