Getting Started

@xloganm15 yes if you import your TB and then manually setup opening balances for your clients and suppliers it will double up on the debtor and creditor control accounts.

It’s always tricky setting up initially but what you would normally do is reduce your sales (4000) and debtor control (1100) balances manually to take into account any OBs you’re individually setting up for your clients. Same applies for suppliers but via the purchase code (5000-9997) and creditor control (2100).

In the above case you can do this entirely with journals, or directly edit your OBs, which are effectively journals anyway.

@manicmummy importing all your bank records for the year 13/14 is a great way to start, you can then just bank tag all your accounting records from there. With regards to opening balances you can set these for each of the bank accounts in the bank settings page. You don’t need to worry about closing balances as if your OB is correct and the transactions are all correct for the year your closing balance should tally with your bank statement.