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Giving accountant access



How do I give access to my records to an accountant please? I tried adding them as a team member but it says the email address I tried adding is being used by another account. I would have thought that yes their email address would be used for quite a few accounts with them being an accountant working for different clients.

Is that the way you add them, as a team member? Or is there another way that I’ve missed? I’ve asked them to have a quick look at my entries to make sure I’m doing ok before it gets to the end of the year and becomes a pain fixing all of the errors I’ve created.



Hi @Kevin_Cross

QuickFile does operate a one account per email policy. But the good news is, we do also have a platform that allows accountants to access multiple accounts with one username and password.

I recommend taking a look at one of my previous posts which highlights the options: Granting my accountant access


Hi, do I need Infinity or does the accountant need it?

They may already have it. I did email them directly asking them how I add them but they haven’t yet replied.



I’ve re-read the post and can see why I was confused the original post asked how to add an acountant and the 3rd comment in that post was from an accountant asking how they add themselves. So infinity is for accountants only and therefore I can’t do anything but wait for the accountent to reply to me.


It’s for anyone accessing multiple accounts, but generally Affinity is used by accountants. They would then request access to your account through there.


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