Go card less fees added as credit on customer account

just noticed that if a customer pays online using the GoCardless payment the customer pays the 1% fee. However, the whole payment is added as credit on the customers account. The 1% fee should stayon the GGoCardless holding account and then legered to the bank fee nominal account?

Hi @Dsalkeld

Would this be the 1% you’ve set to charge the customer (e.g. 1% above the price of the invoice)?

If so, as the customer has paid it, it’s automatically assigned to the client’s account. How you handle it from there is up to you, but a common scenario would be to modify the invoice(s) they have paid and add a line in for it (and then paying the balance from credit), or bulking them together in an invoice at month’s end (for example).

Take a look at this article for more information:

No, I don’t charge the customer. GoCardless do.
Customers invoice is £20.00
Customer pays via GoCardless on their account page £20.20.
QuickFile automatically logs invoice paid amount £20.20.
£20.00 against invoice and 20p credit.
GoCardless then pay me £20.00.
I never received the 20p

Hi @Dsalkeld

The £0.20 that GoCardless takes from the £20.00 should be tagged to bank charges.

There’s a guide on how to deal with this here

Fine if the 20p was in the GoCardless holding account. However QuickFile adds it as credit on the customer account?

What’s happening, is you’ve set up a 1% handling fee for your clients. When they go to pay their invoice, they are told they will be charged 1% extra.

So an invoice for £20.00 is actually charged at £20.20. Then £20 is assigned to the invoice, and £0.20 will sit on their account as credit.

Take a look at the link in my first post, and that should help clear that £0.20 off their account for you. But if you do need further help, please feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

FOUND THE 20P :smiley:
It’s in the GoCardless holding account.
I have to invoice the customer for the 20p.
Pay it to the GoCardless account.
Then ledger it out of the GoCardless account to Bank fees

Wait for it :wink:
penny’s dropping :smiley:
If I remove the 1% charge that will solve the "credit " problem?

Invoicing them for the 20p and paying it from account credit (click ‘Log Payment’ and tick the box), that’ll clear it.

Then the 20p in the GoCardless account, tag it to Bank fees.

So you end up with £20.00 invoice to the customer, and the following transactions:

  • £20.20 in from GoCardless, of which £20 is tagged to the invoice and 20p is on their account
  • £0.20 out tagged to bank fees
  • £20.00 tagged as a transfer to your current account

Hopefully that clears that part up :wink:

Removing the 1% fee in your settings will stop that from happening in the future :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.
I have dealt with it.
Well worth the £45 I pay.
Thanks again :smile:


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