Go Cardless Fees

We collect most of our invoices by GoCardless and this comes into our bank account in one transaction.

But this sum is net of the Go Cardless fees, but all the invoices are tagged as paid in full.

We have been manually splitting up and entering the net amount for each invoice, then generating a credit note for the Go Cardless fees.

But with ever more customers, this manual process is becoming too time-consuming.

There must be a better way … does anyone have any advice?


Hi @waltmanc

What you would do is have a holding account, which would act as a place to record the money GoCardless collects on your behalf and then deposits to your account.

In summary, each payment actually consists of 3 transactions:

  • The gross amount
  • The fee
  • The net amount paid to you

We have a guide on how to handle this here which should hopefully help, but please do let us know if you have any further queries.

ooh! thank you - that has saved me hours of work :smiley:

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