Go Cardless for Recurring Invoices

Hi there,
Just checking how the Go Cardless integration works for recurring invoices.

Does the client authorise the direct debit just on the first invoice? Then does the DD get taken automatically for each invoice after that with the invoice updated as paid?

Also for existing clients on a monthly go cardless plan, is there a way of linking it to an existing recurring invoice profile so that the reconciliation is automated?


Hi @Neil

The client would first need to authorise a direct debit against their account. This is done through you sending them an email from your QuickFile account (existing GoCardless mandates generally can’t be transferred in). You can do this through the below option, found on the client view page:

Once they’ve approved this, you can then set a recurring invoice to be collected automatically. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a new recurring template, just one for a client with a DD set up. This is enabled on the template through these options:

But you can also collect any invoice via Direct Debit upto the maximum authorised amount (which I believe GoCardless sets to £5,000 per month).

I hope that helps!

Thanks… how do i send them an authorisation email through the quickfile account?

View the client by going to Sales >> View Clients >> Click on their name, and you’ll see the Setup option on the left hand side:

You then have 2 options:

  1. Send them a request via QuickFile by filling in their name and email address:

  2. Alternatively, you can find the link here and send it to them manually:

Thanks, I’ll give it a whirl

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