Go Cardless invoice - Show Pending Collection on dd/mm/yyyy

Situation: By sending an invoice then collecting by Direct Debit the customer gets an invoice requesting payment then a GoGardless collection notice when I click collect payment by D/D.


Going straight to collect payment by D/D and not sending the invoice results in the customer receiving a Go Cardless collection notice but no invoice.


Can it not be set that instead of SEND, their is a SEND and request payment by D/D which then sends the invoice but marks the status in the invoice to the customer as “Pending Payment- Go Cardless” and the date of the Direct Debit request that has been put in by me?

E.g. the invoice will say - Status: Pending Payment - Go Cardless, this will be requested from your account on dd/mm/yy

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The invoice in the client’s control panel will already be marked as “Pending collection by Direct Debit”. If you’re attaching as a PDF then there’s going to be a slight issue with the sequence of events as we can’t initiate a DD collection until the invoice status is SENT.

For now I’ll leave this open for others to comment/add their vote. If there’s more interest in this feature we can certainly take a deeper look at this.

My understand of what is proposed would make admin work slightly easier as such i certainly upvote it :slight_smile: