Go Cardless Scheduled/Defered payment

I would like to be able to send invoices marked “To be collected by DD” to pre-authorised customers and have the appropriate scheduling for Go Cardless to collect the payment on the due date.
So I think it’s 3 days before due for the GC “we wil collect” email, then collection. There would need to be a “suspend/delay/resume” option in case of any queries
This way I can automate my collections, give the customer plenty of time to raise and questions, smooth cashflow. and really utilise GC to the max.
Post your support if you would like this too!

Thanks for the suggestion, it has been raised before I think. But we’ll use this as the official thread.

Personally I think this should be something built into the GoCardless API, it’s probably something that would be of benefit to all 3rd Party Applications connecting to their API. It may be worth asking GoCardless as well.