GoCardless Account Problem

We already use GoCardless (GC) with our account and have thousands of customers mandates setup.

However, to do some API testing the same GC account was setup for another Quickfile (QF) Account that we use for testing.

This is causing a failure in requesting direct Debit payments via QF on our main non-test account. We are seeing thee error “Mandate is not recognised”. I have now removed the GC account from the test QF account and we are still seeing the same error on our main QF account.


Ideally I would like to use a Test GC account but QF does not accommodate this and therefore it is extremely difficult to accomplish adequate testing of the QF API with GC.

Our QF Account number: 6131502513

Hi @samppatel

GoCardless only permit one connection, this isn’t a limitation on our side. When you connect a second GoCardless account, it will invalidate the first authorisation.

You will need to remove the authorisation from the live account and re-add it.

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