GoCardless and Multiple QF Accounts

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if someone might know the answer to this one.

We have multiple QF accounts for different businesses. We are jsut in the process of setting up a GoCardless account for our main QF account.

I was wondering if it would be possible to add the same GoCardless account to another QF account so that we can set up Direct Debits in each but use the same bank account?

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Hi @favdes

Unfortunately you can only use one QuickFile account with your GoCardless account. Setting up a second one will invalidate the first set up and cause any future direct debits to fail.

It may be something you wish to raise with GoCardless too, to see if they can suggest a potential workaround.


I’ve just spoken to GoCardless and they say that I can have multiple GoCardless accounts (all linked to the same bank account) so presumably I can link QF account one with GoCardless account 1, QF account two with GoCardless account two etc. and it should all work?

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Providing they are different GoCardless accounts and different QuickFile accounts, yes that should work.

When you link a QuickFile account to GoCardless they give us access to your account using a “secret token”. When you connect a different QuickFile account to the same GoCardless account, they issue another token and cancel the first one. So providing they are different accounts, all should be good! :+1:

Just-in-case anyone else is in a similar situation, I can now confirm that you can have multiple GoCardless accounts each linked to the same bank account.

You do not need a separate bank account to do what we wanted. You just need a single QF account linked to a single GoCardless account.

Thank you for your help with this one!

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