GoCardless bank feed not updating

I have GoCardless set up on my account. I am able to process direct debits and the customers invoice shows paid by direct debit, the holding GoCardless bank account is not updating to show money collected. Any ideas?

Hi @jamkat28

Is it direct debits raised within QuickFile not being shown in the holding account, or are they being raised externally (e.g. another platform or the GoCardless website)?

What status are the direct debits showing as at the moment?

They are being raised with GoCardless and that part works fine. However they are not showing the the GoCardless holding bank account. They are being raised within Quickfile.

If the invoices are being flagged as paid then you must have a payment within Quickfile. If you go to qa paid invoice and click on the link near the top showing the payment does it show it as being paid to the “GoCardless.com Holding Account”?

Good point! I’ve checked and the invoices are showing “Payment for this invoice has been made by Direct Debit”, but at the same time it is “Overdue”!

If I log into my GoCardless account, the direct debits have been requested via Quickfile and collected and are due for payout on Tuesday.

It would seem that that the holding account stopped updating on the 15th April.

There is a time lapse between GoCardless debiting the customer and putting the money in your bank account. The customer’s bank has a window to reclaim the money if the customer goes overdrawn or if they dispute the actual debit.

What you see at the moment is that the payment is in transit. The invoice should go to “paid” on Tuesday and the money will be shown in the GoCardless Holding Account. Remember that the GoCardless notifications may turn up well into the afternoon so don’t worry if it is all still outstanding at 9am.

It took me a couple of test transactions on my personal account and a lot of counting on my fingers to work out exactly what timescale to use with a recurring invoice. I also moved the default for first overdue notices back by a day just to be safe.

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