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GoCardless Chargeback


We invoiced a client and debited them via GoCardless and the payment arrived in our bank via GoCardless as normal.

The client has now done a chargeback. GoCardless are showing the amount as a debit balance on our account.

So does anybody have any idea how I should log this so that I can show the invoice as unpaid and the debit balance on our GoCardless holding account? Is it sufficient just to delete the payment from the invoice?


Hi @Healthpay

You could raise a credit note for this, or alternatively remove the payment from the invoice as you suggest. After a period of 6 months the invoice can be marked as a bad debt if needed.

If you view the invoice you should see a link at the top to view the attached payments. On this page you can unlink the payment from the invoice if you want to leave it untagged for a while.