GoCardless - Direct Debit fail, yet live on GC

Hi, I have a recurring invoice that I linked to a working GC authorisation. The same client has a second company on same system.

One payment sailed through the second returned “A Direct Debit request of GBP 240.00 was not authorised for P********* Ltd. The pre-authorisation has been revoked or exceeded”. Yet inside GC the pre-auth is still live. Have tried to call it manually and get the following “One or more Direct Debit requests could not be processed:
The payment request was not successful. Please try again later”

So I have a live GC auth, a recurring payment that accepted the linking when it was set up that is not working.


Hi @HammerofPompey

I can actually see an error has been flagged up on the back end of our systems in relation to your account and GoCardless. I’m not sure if it is related to your error you are seeing, but I’m guessing it would be.

Bear with me while we check this out. I’ll update this thread once I know more.

Both me and a colleague has had a look into this error for you. GoCardless actually returned a error which would have displayed on the Direct Debit modal:

Can you confirm that the pre-auth ID is exactly as it appears on the Go Cardless web site please?

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