Gocardless direct debit

I setup a customer on direct debit, waited for them to provide authorisation and then issued a recurring invoice. It has not yet tried to collect the funds from what I can tell but the invoice is issued. How can I prompt it to go ahead with the direct debit request? Any ideas what I did wrong?

On the recurring invoice settings do you have “Auto-bill” checked? This will trigger a collection request when the invoice is issued, typically then it will take around 7 days for the funds to reach you from GoCardless.

Hi Glenn,

I have been using the direct debit Go Cardless feature for over a year and had exactly the same problem the a few days ago, I have just realised that now when you set up a recurring invoice the option to auto bill is no longer there, even though a direct debit is in place. It was there previously. If you save the template and then modify the auto bill feature appears. Have you made an update to recently? If so can you revert back so the option to auto bill is there when you set up the recurring invoice.

BTW and I have said it before, this is a fantastic package, you give great support. Well done!

Hi Simon, just make sure that the client actually does have a pre-authorisation in place. If you go to the client detail screen in question it should have a box like this appearing.

Then go to the Create New button and you’ll get an option to create a new recurring invoice. When I do this on our test account it appears to work as expected and the Auto-bill checkbox is visible.

I think what you’re doing however is dynamically selecting the client in a blank recurring invoice form. I can see here that the checkbox isn’t appearing. I’ve logged this for review so it should get fixed in the next couple of days.

Thanks Glenn, you spotted exactly what I have been doing in terms of creating the recurring invoice, but like I said it used to give me the option of auto billing this way. However your way is fine and I will do this in future. Problem solved!

All the best


Thanks Simon and Glenn!