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GoCardless Instant Bank Pay


GoCardless is soon to have a new way to pay named “Instant Bank Pay”
I would LOVE to see this setup on QuickFile

From GoCardless:

"GoCardless is already a great way to collect recurring payments. But what about instant, one-off payments?

Cards are expensive and failure-prone. Bank transfer is slow and admin-heavy. So we built Instant Bank Pay, as a better way to collect one-off payments right within the GoCardless platform.

We’re starting to roll out access. Want to know as soon as it’s available to you? Register below.

Fast and direct bank-to-bank payments

Instant payment confirmation
It happens in real-time for you and your customers.

Better customer experience
You initiate the transaction and your customer simply approves, via their mobile or online banking app.
Watch a payment demo

Lower costs
Stop losing out on high card fees, or save on the admin and associated costs of bank transfer.

Suitable for all kinds of payments
For first time payments, payments for add-on products or services, account top-ups, and more.

Hi @syntaxlink

Thank you for the suggestion!

@syntaxlink - Just circling back to this, this morning. Just wondered if you had come across the Crezco integration we offer? This offers something similar through Open Banking - Crezco Open Banking payments

I’ve moved this to “Planned Features”. We’re currently in dialogue with GoCardless to see how we can progress with this :slight_smile:

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But I use GoCardless not Crezco :sweat_smile:

Very nice to hear!

From the way I read it, they would both work in the same way for the moment. The user would need to authorise the payment each time through their bank, using Open Banking. In this case, Crezco works this way. May be worth looking at, even if it’s a short term solution

You can use both, and more.

If you are happy to pay fees on every transaction, then by all means use GoCardless.

If you’d rather receive all the money due you, then use Crezco - they charge 0 fees.

In both cases payment is made via Open Banking, so there is no reason to pay fees for getting no extra benefit.

Hi @syntaxlink

We now have a beta integration for Instant Bank Pay. We’re now looking for a small number of users to trial the service. If you’re interested please send a private message to @QFSupport with your account number and we’ll get that activated for you.