GoCardless integration - payment description query


I have recently taken over managing my company’s Quickfile and GoCardless accounts, but cannot get in contact with my predecessor and noone else in the company knows how to use the software! My question is about the integration between Quickfile and GoCardless.

Under the Payments section on GoCardless, the Description column linked to the specific invoice the payment was for, but recently, that has stopped and been replaced with a -. Was my predecessor inputting this information manually, in which case does anyone know how to do this, or was this happening automatically from Quickfile, in which case why has it stopped and how do I reinstate it?


I’m aware this might be more of a GC question but any help would be appreciated!

Hi @LM9510

Apologies for the delay in responding.

I managed to locate your account and take a quick look, and asked our development team to look into this. There was a small issue on our end which lead to the description being left blank. This is currently being fixed.

However, to answer your question:

It can be either, but it depends on how the funds are collected.

If you collect the funds for an invoice (that is, view the invoice, select More Options >> Collect by Direct Debit), we automatically populate this field with the invoice details. Similar scenario if a client logs in to pay their invoice.

If however, you collect a one off payment, by viewing the client and click the “Direct Debit Found!” box, you can enter your own description:

I’ll let you know once this has been fixed. Unfortunately, we’re unable to update those payments in your screenshot, but it will fix all new transactions.

However, you can view a direct debit report in your QuickFile account by going to Reports >> All Reports >> Direct Debit Report (near the bottom), which will give you the client and invoice details.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your reply! The dates matched up to when I took over so I assumed it was something I was missing. Thanks for the help!