Gocardless merchant account further questions

Continuing the discussion from How to tag gocardless payments as they’re -£2:

Hi Glenn, yes a guide on GoCardless would be excellent.

Something is not quite right with what I did though. The gocardless transctions are showing up as a debit under bank charges.

Is this because I created a supplier called Gocardless as per my previous thread.

I had a purchase in there for some reason and this was tied to the DD entry for 223.00

I got rid of the purchase then I saw another entry in my bank account for a transfer from GoCardless. This was now duplicate. I removed this entry so the only ones that remained for the DD’s were the two which I imported from my statement are the only ones there.

Just for clarity, there was 2 DD payments. Inoices where 2 x £225 which after charges are 2 x £223

Problem now is the gocardless merchant account doesn’t show as a credit in the chart of accounts anymore??

Any idea what’s happening? thanks

Debits and credits are reversed for double entry bookkeeping so that sounds normal to me! See the explanation below: