GoCardless merchant account

I raised a test Direct Debit transaction that was paid into the GoCardless account on 22/10/13. It is still there and has not been transferred to the club account.

How long should this normally take?

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It will usually take up to 7 days before GoCardless transfer to the current account. You should receive an email confirmation when this has been done. You can also check the status of a payment on your GoCardless dashboard.

Glenn, out of interest, why do GoCardless take so long to transfer the money - this looks like a bit of interest free cash to me.

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Because under the hood they’re using the Direct Debit system which I understand takes a few days to process. I’m not sure if they hold on to the funds any longer than is necessary? GoCardless will probably be able to give you a more detailed explanation.

Hi Glenn

I have contacted GoCardless and they confirm that the dd’s collected are paid into the main bank account. I was under the impression that the GoCardless merchant account - as set up in quickfile, received push notifications - or am I mistaken here?


Yes they pay lump sums daily for any funds collected (minus their fee). The purpose of having a merchant account in Quick File is to represent the balance of any funds that GoCardless are holding during the interim period. Same methodology applies to PayPal, Streamline, SagePay or any other third-party payment process that holds funds on account and defers payment.

When GoCardless authorise the payment, they will push notification back to us and we will automatically flag the invoice as PAID and deposit the payment to the GoCardless merchant account in QF.

Take a look here for general info on merchant accounts:

Handling payments from merchant accounts