Gocardless money in bank account question on tagging

I have read through the knowledgebase but am still a bit confused.
I have a tenant that is paying their rent through a direct debit with gocardless. The amount is £2400.
The money comes into the gocardless merchant account.
£2 is taken off of this and in my bank account I have £2398
How should I tag the £2398?

Hi @Antony_Nicholas,

I will try and explain. You will need to set up a Go Cardless Holding bank account.

You would then pay the invoice in full from the Holding account. The money coming in would also be posted to the Holding account.

You will then need to do a transfer to your current account from the Holding account for the reduced amount. The difference left in the Holding account can then be tagged to bank charges.

Hope this makes sense

The holding account should have been created automatically and will be marked as paid automatically when the money arrives.

I simply tag the GoCardless entries as transfers to the current account.
At the start of the month GoCardless send me a summary of the charges for the previous month. I create a purchase for bank charges and pay it from the holding account.
The holding account will now be at zero.

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