GoCardless one off payments

Hi There.
We have a client who has been paying invoices by clicking on pay online and following the instructions of go cardless to make a one off payment.
Now when he tries to do that it’s asking him to setup a direct debit.
We don’t want that for this client.
Any ideas on how or why this has changed or how we can set it back?

Hi @bigfootnetworks

GoCardless changed the way they set up the payments in early October as part of their wider changes. What this means, is one off payments now require a direct debit to be in place.

Due to the nature of GoCardless anyway, prior to this a direct debit was actually created, the payment taken and the mandate was either left dormant or cancelled. If you log into your GoCardless account, it’s likely that you will see these there on your dashboard.

So if the client is on a recurring invoice, will it take the payment next month automatically?

When the mandate is created, we attach this to the client record on your account. However, we don’t automatically use it for recurring invoices. This has to be enabled on each recurring template:

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