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Gocardless paylinks - tagging


I have attached an image with all relevant screens in.

I’m having an issue tagging.

  1. I use gocardless pay links, these are ideal as it allows me to link a customer to the same link, such as to setup a recurring bill/invoice.
  2. Once there, they create a ‘mandate’ (direct debit link) and a one off fee of £60 is charged. Ideal.
  3. As it is so useful, new customers join every month, and I sometimes have two join, so £120.

However, when it comes to tagging, since gocardless pay outs are combined, I get around £118 back. But quickfile doesn’t seem to let me tag two invoices from two different clients. See attached.

How am I supposed to tag these correctly?

Look up the knowledge base article about handling payments from a merchant provider - essentially you need a “bank account” in QuickFile to represent GoCardless, mark the invoices as paid in full into that account, and the single settlement payment in to your current account as a transfer from the GC account. The residual balance in the GC account equals the fees you were charged, which you typically settle once a month as a purchase with GoCardless as the supplier.


If I was an accountant, this would help a lot. As it stands, this is beyond me and I don’t think it’s something I should have to do as a quickfile and gocardless user.

Nonetheless this is how you have to represent it, and it’d be the same in any book keeping package, it’s not specific to QuickFile. You’re invoicing your customer for £60, they’re paying £60 to you and you’re separately paying 80p to GoCardless in fees. The fact that GC deduct their fee before sending you the net doesn’t matter, you have to record the £60 as income and the 80p as overheads, not just £59.20 income.

If you were issuing invoices to your customers in QuickFile and using the GoCardless integration then this is what it would do automatically - payments from customers go in to a holding account, settlement payments from GC are bank transfers, and fees are money out of the holding account. The holding account balance represents the money that customers have given to GC but they haven’t yet (or ever) passed on to you.

If you know a customer has paid you in full. It doesn’t take much to add a new bank account for GC
Enter manually a money in transaction for the full amount.
Enter manually a money out transaction for the fee.
And enter manually a transfer for the balance and link it to your main bank account where the GC payment appears.

I don’t think this is so complicated that only a professional understands. It’s quite simple once it’s done the first time.

I’m with you, I am struggling with this. I have QuickFile and GoCardless linked on my account. I would have thought I would need to tag the payment into my bank account, but QuickFile doesn’t find the automatically generated invoice. The invoices are marked as payed though.

When you set up GoCardless a separate bank account was created in QF called “GoCardless.com Holding Account”. When GC make payment the invoice is marked as paid and the money transferred from this account. When you receive payment in your current account you simply tag it as a transfer from the holding account. This can be automated if you upload your bank statements to QF. At the end of the month create a purchase for the month’s charges from the GC VAT invoice pay this from the holding account.

The only manual step should be dealing with the monthly invoice.

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Hi FolkLondon, thank you for explaining this in nice, clear language.

It’s a bit of a leap from how I was doing everything in Excel before. I am mostly loving the new way of doing things, but unlearning 20 years of doing things in a certain way isn’t going to be quick.

All my GoCardless payments are now nicely Tagged in my Current and CoCardless accounts. Thanks again!

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