Gocardless payment link/sign up?


With now a more frequent customer sign up, I have started to use a payment link on gocardless.

So in the past, I would have:

  • Create client in quickfile
  • click ‘direct debit’ link
  • send them the link via email
  • then once that’s done, I created a one-off setup fee of £45, charged via gocardless.

However, due to the amount of new customers, I went to gocardless and created a payment link. This is much easier because on the website, customers simply click ‘sign up’ and they are sent to gocardless as a new customer.
Then I get an email from gocardless notifying a customer has just paid £45. Huge time saver.

However, I’m now having a bit of difficulty trying to keep track of new customers that need to go in to quickfile from gocardless from these sign ups.

Is there a way where quickfile can pick up these new customers somehow?

Is there a better method?

Can someone help me. Thanks

Hi @tom_44

There isn’t any way of doing this within QuickFile unfortunately. It may certainly be possible with a custom integration, or even through Zapier, although is depends on the support GoCardless offers on this too.

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