GoCardless payment not automatically logged on completion of payment

I create test invoice to test stripe gocardless and paypal, paypal and stripe have worked fine and there holding accoutns updte when there is a transaction but the gocardless one did not see the transaction i had prior to it going to my account, not sure if quickfile is meant to create one when gocardless is used or if the api is getting the inormation either way nothing appeared there as such i have had to manually log it rather than transfer it

No with GoCardless unlike card payments the authentication is not instant. GoCardless uses the Direct Debit system so the payment will only get logged when the DD has cleared (typically 5 days later).

There are a number of reasons why DD’s can fail so we always wait for a full confirmation from GC before logging a payment.

Hi Glenn,

The direct debit has went through but the holding accoutn never once seen it

ingore above jsut noticed you amended the title