GoCardless - Pre-Authorised DD/Mandate ID

Hi there,

I am just setting up my first GoCardless client on QF and am a bit confused with Pre-Authorised DD and Mandate ID.

I have previously set-up the monthly payments directly though GoCardless and I have now successfully entered the GoCardless mandate ID into the client DD section in QF.

This now enables the ‘Auto Bill with Direct Debit’ tick box on the Recurring Invoice Template that I have set up,but I am not sure if ticking the ‘Auto Bill with Direct Debit’ will initiate an extra payment or just link to the already set up GoCardless one?

Kind regards,

Mark .

Hi @MarkFish

It would request the payment. With that option ticked, the system will generate the invoice and then request the funds via GoCardless and handle the tagging and transaction entries for you. Essentially, you have 2 options here:

  1. Cancel the recurring payment within GoCardless itself and let QuickFile take care of it
  2. Just let QuickFile generate the invoice and manually tag the payments when they arrive

I hope that helps!

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