Gocardless Quickfile merchant account

Hi, can anyone help, it looks like i have set up a Gocardless merchant holding account in quickfile but i cant remember when i did this, i sent an invoice out to a customer and it looks like the customer has paid me using gocardless and its gone directly into the merchant holding account, how do i then pay the invoice and transfer the money into my current account.


In your gocardless account in quickfile click the red tag button next to the money in transaction>>Payment from customer. The invoice you create before should show up. Click that invoice to mark as paid.

As you setup your gocardless account it is very likely that you also setup the payout settings (the dates when gocardless transfers your money to your current bank account. If you are not sure you can check this in your gocardless account.
Once the money arrives in your current bank account it will also appear in quickfile if you have setup auto bank feed in quickfile. If you don’t use that feature then you have to upload a bank statement via a CSV file or enter the transaction manually.
When the money is in your bank account click the red tag button and choose transfer between bank accounts and click on your gocardless account. That will create a money out transaction in your gocardless account, already tagged.
The difference in your gocardless account in quickfile is the fee you pay to gocardless. Create a money out transaction for that fee in your gocardless account (maybe the gocardless auto feed has done this for you)
Click the red tag button next to the money out transaction and click Payment to supplier and follow the steps to create a purchase invoice.

Hope this helps

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