Gocardless Recurring Invoice

If a recurring invoice is made and gocardless direct debit is setup will the money come out of their account on the day of the invoice, or is it delayed for 5-7 days?

Go Cardless will collect the funds at the earliest possible date following the request. This usually happens within 3-4 working days after the request is initiated.

You can delay this further if you need/want to, this can be done from the recurring template:

Ok, that’s a bit annoying only because it would be nice for the money to come out of the clients account on the date of the invoice.

Would it be possible as a feature request to have the opposite, i.e. initiate request minus 3 days instead of plus 3 days for example

Hi @Antony_Nicholas,

Unfortunately that is not possible with QuickFile. You are more than welcome to create a #feature request for this and we can take it into consideration

Ok Thanks for the replies

This is only an issue if your invoice is payable less than a week after issue.

Say your invoice is payable at 30 days. If you set the request to issue after 27 days the customer will be debited on the due date and you will get paid 2 days after the due date. Make that 25 days and you get paid on the due date and the customer is debited 2 days early.

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