Gocardless recurring invoices not working


One problem we are seeing a lot of is recurring invoices not taking payment.

We have the authorisation. We have the invoice created.

Now sometimes when I log into gocardless the customer isn’t even there. Other times they are there but no payment taken.

Invoices has been created OK as it’s screaming overdue at me. Any ideas? Did I break it by creating the invoice before dd authorisation? Is best practise create customer, get authorisation, wait a day and then raise invoice?

Also what’s the best way to fix it for the case where the customer exists in gocardless but no payments planned, and the case where I have them in quickfile but not in gocardless. Thanks :smile:

Not necessarily, however if your DD authorisation came through after creating your recurring invoice you do need to go back and make sure the auto-bill is ticked in the recurring invoice settings. Otherwise it won’t auto-collect.

Unfortunately I don’t believe GoCardless allow you to move DD pre-authorisations created directly in their control panel to any 3rd party system… or vice versa. You can ask them if they will move them but I don’t believe it’s possible, so they may need to be re-setup.

I can answer the 3rd party question…
I moved from a 3rd party to QF. All that is required is a request to GC to move all (YES ALL) to QF. Simple as that. I believe the only qualification is that all transactions would have to be complete. Your clients would not need to pre-authorise again.

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Thanks guys

Auto bill was already ticked and I have the confirmation for one invoice in particular. Its set to recurring. Gocardless has them listed as a customer. But hasn’t tried to take any money.

Do you have the invoice number in question?


Thanks @Glenn

Let me know if I have done anything silly. Other than that - fantastic work I’ll carry on spreading the word

That’s great, thank you!

Regarding that invoice, the DD pre-auth was accepted after the invoice was raised. It did however all happened very close together, but the invoice was created just before the DD was accepted.

Going forward it shouldn’t be an issue.

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