GoCardless Refund

On GoCardless Dashboard I have manually refunded a client…
Gocardless have duly sent an email:
We are refunding xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx £xx.xx for Payment for invoice #xxxxxxx
This refund will appear in the customer’s bank account shortly. We will deduct £xx.xx from your next payout to cover this refund.
Do I manually credit the clients account?
Does the GoCardless Holding account need to be adjusted?

Does this relate to an invoice that is already logged in your QuickFile account? If so you could just locate that invoice and issue a refund (see the credit note button on the invoice preview).

Just make sure to refund to the GC merchant account in QF.

I’m not sure I have refunded the 2 transactions correctly…

  1. “Payment for this invoice has been made by Direct Debit” credited correctly and GC merchant account was refunded
  2. “The Direct Debit for this invoice has been refunded” but there was no evidence that the credit from GC had been applied. So I applied the credit process to this invoice?
    Am I not looking in the right place?

NB: I think I understand (2) - The transaction had not been passed to my bank!

There’s nothing special about the way GC refunds are handled in QF, it’s like any other sales invoice refund, only issued from the GC merchant account rather than the bank current account.

If you initiated the refund from the GC control panel, all you need to do then is find the original invoice on QF and manually refund it.

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