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Gocardless submitted on wrong date?


on one of my quickfile accounts the dd request for gocardless seems to have been put in wrong?

i wanted payment to come out of my clients bank on 1st of the month.
my client has the gocardless authorisation setup in quickfile.
i have a recurring invoice setup in quickfile.
the invoice was issued on 25/12/2020 (start date).
Payable within 7 days.
auto bill with direct debit.
initiate request after 4 days.

the dd request has gone into gocardless as Charge Date of 08/01/2020 with payout date of 12/01/2020

i use recurring invoices on another quickfile account.
i was under the impression that the initiate request after 4 days just delays the charge date in gocardless? why has it delayed it from 25/1/2020 to 8/1/2020? i make that a delay of 14 days?

Hi @adnw,

I would put the delay down to the Christmas/New Years bank holidays as well as the weekends. The initiate request after 4 days would mean that the request for payment is sent to Go Cardless after 4 days, the charge date is then usually 3 days after this

yes so the request should have been initated on 25th + 4 = 29th?
Charge date to be 3 days later = 1st?

why is charge date 8th?

Hi @adnw

Do you want to send your account number and some details of the invoice in question through to us in a private message (@QFSupport), and we can take a look into this further for you?

hi, just sent the pm (i think)

Hi @adnw

Thank you for the details in the private message.

Just to confirm, that “initiate after” is after the earliest charge date. With an invoice issued on 25/12/2020, per your message, taking into account the bank holidays on the 25th and 28th, I would expect the earliest charge date to be 31/12.

Adding 4 days to this, again taking into account the New Year bank holiday on the 1st, the charge date works out to be 6th January.

Hope that makes sense?

the 6th is still longer than i would have though?
doesnt explain it being the 8th though?

does the initiate after ignore weekends and holdiays and ‘skip’ them? is this really initiate X no of working days after?

ive never come across this before, or noticed, on my other quickfile accounts

GoCardless can’t take any funds on the weekend or bank holidays, so these wouldn’t be counted. However, it’s worth asking GoCardless directly how they would calculate this.

The “initiate after” doesn’t include weekends or bank holidays however, we would just add this on to the earliest possible date GoCardless provides to us.

If they are brand new direct debits, these do take a bit longer too. But I’ve worked it out as the 6th based on the timelines above.

yes this one was a brand new dd and so probably why the extra days

ive adjusted it for next month.

ive enquired before, but qf doesnt allow you to specify an exact date every month, its more of a good guess isnt it?

when i used to use GC only, you could give the exact date every month, GC would auto adjust it for weekends etc.
with QF, its more of a guess due to weekends etc.

I assume that you mean that if the “initiate after” takes you to a weekend then the DD is initiated on the following Monday rather than only counting 5 days in every week.

I am so used to our own bank doing transfers at any time 24*7 it didn’t occur to me that GoCardless would still be based on a 5 day week. I think I may start knocking a couple of days off the “initiate after” value on my recurring invoices…

It would be nice to be able to create recurring invoices that always fell due at month end with the initiation date 3 working days earlier.

if you use GC direct to setup the debits and manage them, you can choose the exact date every month. GC auto adjusts this at their end if it falls on a weekend.

If you use QF, you cant do this, its a bit of a guessing game. you have to set it to roughly 3 or 4 days before the date you want and hope it works out.

Hi @adnw

Out of curiosity, are these one-off payments in GoCardless (e.g. you trigger them manually), or are they set up as subscription payments?


you can set it to dd a customer every month. when you set it up, you get different options like a set date per month, last day of the month, first day of the month etc

if i picked the 27th, they would get charged on the 27th every month. if the 27th was saturday they would charge them monday.

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