Government Kickstart funding

Our company has taken on 8 young employers on the Government Kickstart programme , and i would like help how to tag these entries

Firstly they have given us £12.000 (£1.500 per person for set up costs and training these people
what is the best way to tag this ? shall i make a New bank account with this money

Secondly we pay their monthly wages then the government will reimburse us do i just put this in and out to PAYE as we have had to do this through the PAYE scheme

Thank you for any help on this

Record your wages as usual and govt funding under grant income

It’s tagged as misc income. Or grant income.

Thank you for your reply and help

Thank you for your help

Re the further replies i have looked and cant find a grant income nominal code

Do i make a new code or i have seen another posting of someone getting a grant and they were suggested to make a sales invoice for this

Thanks for any help

No to sales invoice, create a grant code

Once again thank you

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