Granular Analysis of Nominal Codes

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Unless I have overlooked the following, do you have the functionality to allow a client and his accountant to analysis/view a nominal code for a given time period on a supplier basis.

My accountant and I have historically reviewed my end of year accounts, by reviewing purchase entries that I have inputted throughout the year, making sure I have inputted them into the right nominal code.

When I pull out a my yearly/monthly P&L or chart of accounts in QF, yeah sure you can see the nominal codes and click into them, however you are presented with a list of dates a generic descriptions i.e. “Purchase Invoice: [Items for purchase #QF00790]”.

Might I suggest that it would be far more useful for client/accountant to see the item description entered when creating a purchase invoice. You could go one step further and also include the supplier name.

This would be so helpful, when reviewing accounts and spotting incorrectly allocated purchases and make the functionality more user friendly.

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Hi @Andy_B

If you click on the little yellow speech bubble on the nominal entry line, it should reveal a bit more information about the invoice:

There’s also the option to show all notes in the top right corner:

There isn’t a direct way to filter these by supplier, but you can do an advanced search and include the suppliers name as part of this:

Hopefully that helps?

The show all notes is great and really helps, I had missed this! Is there a way of downloading a list of the nominal codes and subsequent entries under each N/C including ‘All notes’ for review with the accountant

If you click the “Export Data” button at the top of the nominal view, it will generate a .csv file. This is only available on a per-nominal basis at the moment and isn’t part of the overall Chart of Accounts export, although we can certainly consider adding this.

Hi, Just tried that and was presented with the following:

*You can only export a detailed ledger report here if there are under 15,000 entries in the specied date range. The date range on your report includes 21,059 entries. To obtain a full nominal ledger report of all transactions, please [run a backup of your account]

In that case, if you go to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Weekly/Monthly Backups, you should be able to run an on-demand backup.

Because of the size of the account, it needs to be done in the background and emailed to you, or uploaded to Dropbox (if available and selected).

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