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Group accounts


I have a group of 3 companies that I use QF for, at the moment this is set up so that I have an affinity area. This works fine. However I would now like to give access to my accountant so that he may do the accounts. How would i do this without just giving him my log-in which is not really appropriate, especially with the new GDPR regulations.

How might I do this?

As far as I am aware my accountant does not use quickfile (i intend to educate him)


Hi @Larrybulmer

As you are already using Affinity, there are 2 options:

  1. You can create an account for your accountant at Affinity level (under ‘Team Management’ options).
  2. You can create an account for them individually on each of the separate accounts (under ‘Account Settings’ > ‘Team Management’)

This would give them their own login, and give you greater control over what they can access.


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