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Having Problems locating the dashborad

Hi, I cannot seem to be able to locate the Dashboard, I have searched all the menus

Please can you advise whether I am looking at the wrong place.

I am trying to create an invoice

The “My Dashboard” button in the top left, or simply click the QuickFile logo above it. Also there is a shortcut directly to the new invoice screen on the menu that pops up when you hover over “Sales” in the top bar, and the equivalent new purchase link in the “Purchases” menu.

I cannot see any of the above options … I must be in the wrong section

Thanks you

Have you maybe logged in as a client rather than an administrator by mistake? If you created a client record with the same email address as your primary administrator log in then it may have locked you out - I’m out of my depth now, you’ll need someone from QuickFile staff (@Glenn or @QFMathew) to help out.

Hi @lucyatim

Can you confirm your account number or the web address you use to log in please, and I’ll take a quick look for you?