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Having problems setting up Dropbox with QuickFile

It’s worth it in the long run anyway as if you can reduce the size of each file it increases the number of files you can store before hitting the point where you start paying for extra storage.

Hello Ian, it works! Thank you for all your help; what I have done and am doing now is to copy each receipt into photoshop first to reduce the file size; so its scan to computer then photoshop then my file then google apps source then quickfile. What a route! Thanks again, because without your program I couldn’t do it. Donducé

Well, you can upload files directly to the receipt hub via “browse or drag your file here”, you don’t have to use email/dropbox/google if you don’t want to.

Hello Ian, thanks again working perfectly. I am going to stick with this method for now. Just a one off question, do you know of any good add on programs that will do stock control? We run a 16 acre Alpaca farm in Warwickshire and it would be great to have a stock control system for our shop. Its all on excel at the moment. Thanks, Donducé

Hello Ian, sorry to bother you again, when you said that I can upload files directly to the hub via browse; how would i do that as google/my files is on the net, not on my computer? What would I have to download? my files in google? Just interested, thats all! Thanks, Donducé

I just meant that when you say you’re scaling the images in photoshop, then uploading them from your computer to google, you could instead upload them straight from your computer to the QuickFile receipt hub.

Hello, just tried it and it works as well. A more simple way of doing it. Thanks, Donducé

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