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Having problems setting up Dropbox with QuickFile

Hello, after nearly 3 years of using qf, I still cannot integrate qf with dropbox. It says on dropbox that qf is linked or using my dropbox, but when I go to the screen to link dropbox, it doesnt give me the prompt to link. I go to the 3rd party integration, then the link option, but then instead of the prompt that should come up saying where my account is and then allow, I just get the ‘poll dropbox’; and the error message saying that no account can be found. This is an error because according to dropbox, quickfile IS linked. Can anyone help please? Thank you, Donducébjonos Ritchie

Hi @Donducebjonos

If you go to Account Settings >> 3rd Party Integration >> Dropbox Integration, and then click the green “Setup Dropbox Integration” button:

This will load the Dropbox website, where you sign in with your Dropbox account and confirm the link:
Once you allow this, the link between Dropbox and QuickFile is complete, and your Dropbox page in QuickFile will show this:

At this point, Dropbox will create a new folder for you to put your files in. By default, this is: \Apps\Quick File Receipts\, located on your Dropbox account. For example, in your browser (at dropbox.com), this looks like this (note the path underlined in red)

Any files placed in this folder will then be synced automatically with QuickFile within a few minutes.

I hope this helps.

Hello Matthew, thank you for your email; Ok, I have never seen half of these prompts because as soon as I get to set up dropbox integration, it goes to the error page. Where in dropbox do I confirm the link to quickfile please? Or do you mean dropbox comes up in qf? confused. Sorry thanks Donducé

I don’t know Dropbox myself but usually services like this where you’ve granted access to other apps have an option on the service side to revoke the permission - is there anything in your Dropbox settings about connected apps and if so is there an option to delete or revoke the QuickFile token from the Dropbox end? If you can do that then try activating it again from QuickFile and you might have more luck with the authorisation screen.

Hello, I have just again tried account settings etc and get the error message. I have never been able to get the screen with qf would like to access its own folder. I know I have done the dropbox bit right. Thanks, Donducé

HI Ian, thanks for your email; nothing in dropbox settings to revoke qf and set up again, although a good idea. Thanks, Donducé

Hello, tried again. Quickfile is not loading the dropbox website and so it wont locate my account, which is why I am getting the error messages. Any ideas please? Thanks, Donducé

Hello again Ian, thanks again for your first email; I noticed you said you don’t know dropbox; what app do you use to import receipts to quickfile? Even emails don’t work for me! If you have a better system with quickfile, please let me know. Thanks Donducé

Just to confirm - is this after you click the green “Setup Dropbox Integration” button?

Are you able to share a screenshot of the error you are seeing (removing any sensitive information)?

I mainly use email, plus a scripting solution I developed myself to pull things in from Google Drive.

Yes, thats right; here’s a screen shot of the message I get after the green button. Thanks.

Hello Ian, thanks for the fantastic advice with the google apps script. I have followed your instructions to the letter; I have one receipt come through thanks to you, but that is all so far. I have uploaded all receipts to the source folder, but have also uploaded to the QF folder, as they weren’t in there. Thanks for your help so far; have I done wrong in uploading to both folders? Thanks, Donducé

Hello again Ian, I am now getting an error message coming up saying that the receipt file sizes for Quickfile are too big exceeding 5mb! Please could you if it is possible with you to send me your email address so I don’t have to keep coming here? Thanks, Donducé

My script is supposed to work in a similar way to the Dropbox integration, you put files in the source folder and the script moves them to the processed folder once they have been imported into QuickFile. Does it work if you just do a one off “import now” rather than waiting for the background trigger?

I believe that’s a limitation on the QuickFile side rather than my script, if you’re trying to import photos from your phone camera or very high resolution scans you may need to reduce the resolution to make the files smaller. I scan most of my receipts at 150dpi, which comes in at a few hundred kB per page and is still plenty detailed enough for all the info to be clearly readable.

Hello Ian, thanks for getting back. Don’t get me wrong, your script is brilliant. It came back with the too big error when I did the ‘one off import now’. Is there any chance of having your email address, or do we have to communicate this way please? Also I will try and get the scans down to 150dpi; don’t have a clue how to do that. Thanks, Donducé

Sorry forgot. I am scanning receipts in jpeg format from a canon printer/scanner.

I’d prefer to keep discussion public on here - I released my script as a free service to the community, and if anyone has problems with it I’d like the discussion and solutions to be here so anyone else who has the same problems in future doesn’t have ask again.

Ok, no problem. Thanks. I am figuring out the scanner now. Thanks again.

I agree the error handling could be more robust in my script, at the moment I believe it just goes through the files in whatever order it gets given them by the Google Drive API but if one file them fails the script stops there and doesn’t keep trying with subsequent ones.

Dont worry, your script is brilliant and thank you for sending me it. I am going to have a look at my hand held scanner and try and change the dpi. I can’t find an option on my canon printer to change it. Just means i have to scan all of jan/feb receipts again!!! Grr!!. Thanks Donducé